It is with immense Gratification and Appreciation to God that I welcome everyone to the Second Matriculation ceremony of University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES), Umuagwo.

I welcome especially our hard-working and amiable Visitor, the Executive Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma (Onwa Oyoko) for his visionary leadership and Education- friendly policies that have impacted Positively on UAES. For leaving every other thing to be with us today, Nna anyi ukwu nnoo!

The 2023 Matriculation Matriculation marks the official entry of every student into higher institution of learning. So, this is a statutory gathering to formally admit deserving and qualified candidates who are fortunate to be offered admission into this noble Institution.

At this Matriculation ceremony, a total of 462 (Four hundred and Sixty- two) students will be inducted into either the 4- or 5-year programmes of the Faculties of this University, namely: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Computing, and Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences.

My dear Matriculating students, today marks a new dawn for you all. It is the beginning of the next and most important phase of your lives. Hence, I urge you to take it seriously and with utmost Dedication.

Our University, University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES), is student-centered – a robust boot camp for nurturing the next Generation of informed leaders. The vision of UAES, is hinged on the dreams of the founding fathers, captured in her mission, which is to produce highflyers with capacity to catalyze Innovative and Scientific Transformation in the fields of agriculture, environment, and allied courses in tandem with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UAES is on the path to becoming world-class, and various mechanisms are on-going to attain this feat. A journey of a thousand steps starts with a step and we have started.

We envision a world-class University, run on a template of unparalleled academic dicta, unblemished moral ethos, and matchless entrepreneurial gusto to achieve our goal of raising Godly men and women who will dominate in their various fields of endeavor. UAES is with a difference, East of the Niger and the first University in Nigeria that takes care of life sustaining and giving Opportunities (agriculture and environment). We are Perfecting International partnerships with global players such as European Union (EU) and our Diaspora friends in academics. Recently, we hosted delegates from our European Collaborating Institutions and other Universities working on a mandate for the benefit of farmers in our beloved State through digital financial solutions and Adaptation to climate change. As an ICT-driven Institution, we are constantly upgrading to meet the demands of a forward-looking new- generation university by Adopting global best Practices. To this end, we have just received a very robust ICT focused financial Intervention from TETFund. We also recently installed the Google Classroom with Facilities for unhindered Interaction with our teachers and partners across the globe.

The first steps would be for you to embrace self-discipline, self-care, decent modes of dressing, faithfulness to your studies and general comportment within and outside the campus. You need to have the carriage so that wherever you are, you become a good ambassador of UAES, that inculcates the spirit of Effective Time management and on daily basis weigh your Productivity. Effective Time management will aid you in balancing your study ethics with your personal life and promote your well-being. Reduce your stress through excellent Time management. Ensure that you improve on the quality of your reading/study habit. My dear children, to improve your Time management, you must Prioritize your tasks on campus, create a schedule/Timetable to guide your academic, social and sports Activities and avoid Distractions that can waste your Time and reduce your daily reading/study output. In 4 or 5 years, by the grace of God, we shall gather again for your Convocation ceremony.

I therefore charge you to make the most of the opportunity afforded you by your parents/ guardians, ensure that you attend classes, shun all forms of deviant behaviours and other vices, and focus on why you are here. UAES has zero tolerance for any form of misconduct, including Examination Malpractice, Cultism, unruly and violent behavior, Prostitution, internet fraud, armed robbery, drug Addiction, kidnapping, stealing, hooliganism, willful Destruction of the University property, drunkenness, among others. We will not hesitate to sanction any misdemeanor. Do not use your pocket money for gambling or Ponzi schemes. Co-habitation is abhorred and engenders unhealthy Lifetime. Do not engage in anything that will bring regrets at later life.

Furthermore, I implore you to respect your colleagues and staff of the University to make your stay fruitful and Productive. Be modest and decent in your approach to issues, adhering strictly to the rules and Regulations enshrined in the Students Handbook. More importantly, in everything remember your creator in your youth. There is no better life than life in God. Involve yourselves in your religious Activities alongside your studies and you will not have any regrets. Be reminded that the oath you are about to take today is to be obedient to the Vice-Chancellor, all those in authority, and to be of good conduct throughout your stay in the University. Please be warned that a breach of that oath will Attract appropriate Sanctions as stated earlier.

Furthermore, in our efforts to green the University environment, grow fruits and commemorate your presence in this Institution, you are expected to donate, plant and nurture a fruit bearing tree. A “Commemorative garden” introduced in December 2022 is managed by the Physical Planning Unit and Works Department. Every staff, student and notable guest is expected to Participate. Your presence at UAES would be documented both in our official records and by a living tree. Whenever you come back to this University after Graduation, you would love to see your tree’s progress.

I am also very glad to inform you that His Excellency, the Governor of Imo State has graciously offered 50% scholarship to all students studying Agriculture in UAES.

To Parents and Guardians I congratulate our dear parents/guardians of the Matriculating students and thank them for being tools in the hand of God in the training and development of these young ones. I pray God to grant you all that you need to bring their training to its logical conclusion in the next 4 or 5 years as the case may be.

With the changing world Situation, please do not fail to regularly look in till they graduate. We are concluding plans with our ICT service providers for you to receive the results of your children/wards online. We therefore request that you leave your correct email and phone contact with our admissions officer before you leave this Matriculation arena. Try to contact us through our platforms or the Head of Department of your ward from Time to time.

My dear Parents/Guardians, you have important role to play in the growth and development of this University through the Parents-Students-Staff Forum. This Forum which is henceforth your baby will be your voice and your source of Contribution in this University.

Please do not fail to pay your ward’s school fees promptly, as this assures us that he/she is still our student. Our platform for school fees payment is the TREASURY SINGLE ACCOUNT (TSA). It is easily accessed through REMITA and when you get a REMITA number, you can make your payment at any bank. Please do not give your money to anybody to pay for your ward. The UAES payment portal is open and running to direct you well.

Conclusion Welcome to the modern and specialist university. Welcome to the Nesting ground of highflyers and of men and women of high impact. Our mantra of “pushing the Frontiers of excellence through Innovative ideas, Creativity, knowledge expansion and due diligence” informed our vision to serve Nigeria and the world through processes that would lead to hunger Reduction, provision of shelter and environmental perseveration as well as all round graduates. Welcome to the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES), Umuagwo, where entrepreneurs are produced.

Once again, I congratulate the matriculants, parents/guardians as well as our Visitor who make things happen.

God bless our University, Staff and Students, God bless our Visitor, Governing Council, and all those who have assisted as well as those who intend to assist us.

Thank you for your audience.

Professor Christopher C. Eze
Acting Vice-Chancellor