uaes holds general assembly..


In keeping up with his promise have regular interaction with staff and students and in a bid to have a feedback mechanism and an avenue to resolve critical issues, the acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Umuagwo, Prof Chiedozie C. Eze, yesterday presided over the second General Assembly of UAES with students and staff of the University present in large numbers.

During the Assembly, the Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. C.C Eze took time to detail the efforts his administration had put in to see to a better living and academic environment for the students. He detailed from linkages with foreign and local agencies, visit to regulatory agencies, electricity situation and the solar energy in hostels , School clinic, infrastructural maintenance, water supply down to the heart to heart orientation of female students with their senior female members of staff of the school.

He also announced the efforts of the school in promoting two of their staff who are now professors in the person's of Prof. Vivien Iwueke and Engr Prof Greg Obiechefu. He also extolled the efforts of the school in being the third university with CCMAS full programs accreditation in the country. He also encouraged staff who want to reach the apex of the profession to make themselves visible online by publishing their works in top journals and upload them on Google Scholar. He directed the ICT Unit to make available all needed platforms to achieve this.

The Vice Chancellor detailed key appointments made to see to a seamless running of the school, this includes and important committees to see to exam result release in due time, the committee is chaired by the School Librarian Prof. Chidi Nwosu etc.

After the Vice chancellors speech, the staff and students were given opportunity to ask questions and make observations about any challenge or issue that may have not been addressed.

The acting Vice Chancellor responded instantly to issues raised and in some cases, called the affected officials responsible up to make inputs.

The Assembly ended with both staff and students joyful and thankful to the Vice Chancellor for the opportunity to interact directly with him and his management team and for his efforts to reposition the University positively since he assumed office

Present was the Registrar, Prince Edward Njemanze, Bursar Mr Robert Anikputa, University Librarian, Prof Chidi Nwosu, all Dean's of Faculties, Directors, Heads of Units and Departments etc.